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International Students

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Danny 施成其


TransWorld is one of most prestigious universities in Central Taiwan! I love this University right after I arrived here. I feel as if I were at home. People here are nice, friendly, and helpful. The air is fresh and the campus is green. I am glad to have the chance to study at TransWorld

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Ngoc Lien 阮氏玉蓮

Nationality: Vietnam

Studying abroad is a good opportunity for me to be immersed in the international environment and to challenge myself. With the help from TransWorld teachers and friends, I do not feel homesick, get nervous, and feel lonely anymore. My knowledge is improved than before and I am self-motivated in team activities. I always feel happy and joyfully. “Right choice is the beginning of success.”

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Penny 劉詩潔


TransWorld is not only my University but also my second home. I learned many things here. My classmates and teachers are very kind and always take good care of me. TransWorld has a good environment for study. Besides, it is well-equipped. In the future, I hope I will learn more and more here. I LOVE TransWorld!

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Reo 若林玲於


TWU has brought me a lot of fun in learning, either in Mandarin Chinese or my professional research – that is Business Administration. I remember I was not a fish out water by the time I arrived in Taiwan. Thanks for all the kind help from teachers and classmates. Accommodated in the well-equipped dormitory, I seem not have problems settling down in this new environment. TWU has become my second home away from home!


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