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College of Health Sciences

The College of Health Sciences consists of three undergraduate departments which are Biotechnology, Early Childhood Educare, and Sports Health & Injury Prevention. In addition to undergraduate programs, Department of Biotechnology has graduate program. Two centers, Center for General Education and Physical Education Center, are included in the college as well.

The main developments of the college focus on issues related to physical, psychological, and spiritual health. Through the effective integration of the core competencies of each unit, we expect to promote health technology, to enhance local characteristics, to promote health industries, to improve quality of college teaching, services and capabilities of R&D center, to promote international cooperation, and to train students with industrial required skills.

Department of Sport and Health Promotion:Roller sports
Department of Sport and Health Promotion:Tug of War
Department of Early Childhood Educare:Group photo
Department of Early Childhood Educare:Christmas events
Department of Biotechnology:Junior high school students to experience biological Internship
Department of Biotechnology:Biological experiments

Graduate Institute of Biotechnology

Department of Biotechnology

Department of Early Childhood Educare

Department of Sport and Health Promotion


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