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College of Management

The College of Management has three departments, including Department of Business Administration, Department of Information Management, and Department of Marketing Management.

“Learning while doing and doing while learning” is the cornerstone of the college’s teaching philosophy. The college has more than 20 professional workshops and facilities for on-site training. Students are encouraged to participate in well-planned internships and field trip studies.

All college faculties have master or doctoral degrees from prestige universities in countries like Taiwan, Japan, the U.S., the U.K., and Australia. In order to cultivate students’ organizational ability in many areas, the college encourages students to be active in student extra-curricular activities. Moreover, the college encourages student units to hold different academic speeches, physical activities, cultural activities, recreational activities, and so on. The college expects students to become professionals with accomplishments in science and humanities.

There will be language partners who are also from TransWorld University and they will assist foreign students with their Chinese learning and practices, as well as getting to know more about the university, culture and Taiwan.

Department of Business Administration:Anniversary Games
Department of Business Administration's space
Department of Information Management's Lab
Department of Information Management's space
Department of Marketing Management's Exhibition
Department of Marketing Management's space

Graduate Institute of Strategic Management of Small & Medium Enterprise

Graduate Institute of Public Affairs Management (Executive MBA Program)

Department of Business Administration

Department of Information and Electronic Commerce Management

Department of Marketing Management


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