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Department of Business Administration


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學士 Bachelor

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TEL: +886-5-5370988 ext.4201, 4202




Department of Business Administration was founded in 1992 to help students learn professional knowledge and skills in business management and become enthusiastic, professional, and hard-working talents in small and medium enterprises.

Three modules in the curricula are: business management, core entrepreneurial management, and these three modules are designed to Organization development cultivate students with modern management concepts. We are hoping to provide students with a life-long learning environment with the integration of internal and external school resources. In recent years, the department enhances students’ off-campus internships and corporate trainees in order to stimulate the entrepreneurship. Moreover, the department actively organizes various workshops in order to improve teachers’ research studies and teaching skills.

Research and teaching Focus

  • 1.To establish curriculum standards, the department includes the concept of the teaching quality; to establish a qualified teaching system, the department works on competency evaluation step by step.
  • 2.To include both applicable and practical curriculum design, the department invites academic scholars and professional managers with practical management experiences to co-teach.
  • 3.To counsel students for their future career or further study after graduate, the department provides the practical knowledge and encourages students to obtain vocational and professional licenses.
  • 4.To motivate students with certification system, the department has students to work on self-quality management and provides students self-growth records with the elite learning passport.

Future development

Graduates can choose to continue pursuing a higher degree in national or international business fields.

Graduates can work as planning and management personnel, marketing personnel, financial analysis personnel, or human resource development personnel.


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