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學士 Bachelor

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The Department of Creative Public Communicative Design (CPCD) was established in 2014. The goal of the Department of Creative public Communicative Design is to consistently and successfully address the diverse demands of a changing society with an up-to-date curriculum, educational resources, and an experienced faculty. The broadcast industry is characterized by rapid progress and change. The Department of Creative public Communicative Design has three main programs module: Public marketing module (Generality of Public Relationship, Advertising, Digital Content & Multimedia Communication, Music Communication & DJ Application, senior project). Creative propagation module (Photography, TV program design, Propagated film, Virtual studio operating, Micro film). Multi-Study module (Storyboard design, Internet marketing, Digital film after effects. Marketing media designed). .

Research and teaching Focus

The Department of Creative Public Communicative Design is committed to excellence and innovation in the education of communication and management professionals, the creation of new knowledge and skills, and service to a diverse society embedded in a dynamically changing global communication and management environment. To accomplish this mission over time and under changing conditions, the Department follows the principles below:
  • 1. Students are encouraged to participate in part time jobs and internships in the field, volunteer, and attend technology workshops, such as creative public relationship management, communication, and design, to lay the foundation for developing professional skills to enter the relevant creative fields.
  • 2. An Internship provides valuable knowledge and skills to a student and is one of the most rewarding ways to form professional relationships with CPCD alumni and other employers.
  • 3. Jobs that CPCD graduates can get include: reporter for newspaper, television station or radio station, producer, market researcher, advertising sales coordinator, business managers.

Future development

Upon graduation, CPCD students can choose to go up to graduate schools in advertising, design, business administration, marketing, public relations, and mass communication. CPCD students can also work in public relations consultant company, broadcasting corporation, television station, media industry, show production, marketing, advertisement design, journalism, or nonprofit organization.
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