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Department of Culinary Arts


Degree Offered

學士 Bachelor

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Food is the basic need to men. Eating is an important part of everyday life. Along with economic development, people change the ways they eat, and the populations of eating out are increasing. This causes the vigorous development of restaurant industries in Taiwan, and cooks need to provide better and healthier food for people’s everyday life.

The department is established to foster future talents with knowledge and cooking culinary abilities. The future talents will have both eastern and western cooking knowledge and techniques, and they will be moral cooks with full of knowledge of catering management and operation skills of catering technology. There are a Baking Classroom, a Chinese Cuisine Kitchen, and an Eastern-Western Creative Cuisine Kitchen that all qualify for any national culinary exams.

Research and teaching Focus

  • 1.Establish the concept of teamwork, and develop good character attitudes.
  • 2.Emphasis on curriculum development with local characteristics, and provide applicable knowledge with creative elements.
  • 3.Build an industry-university-cooperation teaching system, and combine teaching, learning, and real-life workplace experiences into curriculum.
  • 4.Provide license examinations and employment counseling, and achieve the purpose of application.
  • 5.Promote community and international cooperation and exchanges, and expand learning horizons.

Future development

Further study:Students may take the graduate school entrance examination in Taiwan or study abroad for master degree or Ph. degree.

Employment:Students can work in restaurant or hotel industries and be cooks, bakers, or kitchen staff.


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