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學士 Bachelor

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The Department of Digital Media and Product Design was founded in 2020 with two integral aspects of Creative Product Design and Multimedia and Animation Design. It aims to incubate professional designers with fashionable and creative capabilities. To meet this objective, the integration of all the design departments and international collaboration will be emphasized. Presently, emotional design (Kansei Engineering) which features “customization” and “aestheticization” is being stressed across all industries in the world. On the other hand, our goal was established by meeting the human resource needs of national industry promotion and boosting quantity of multimedia animation industry in Taiwan to strengthen international competitive ability. This is to foster talented people, who integrate with both design creative ability and multimedia animation technology. We also focused on the balanced development of humanity virtue, technology standards, independent thinking, and feedback with the society.

Research and teaching Focus

  • 1. To develop customized and emotional products.
  • 2. To form a characteristic design industry based on strong integration of all design departments.
  • 3. To integrate local culture and characteristics in the design processes.
  • 4. To enhance design efficiency with presentation skills and simulated technology.
  • 5. To foster the capabilities of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Future development

  • 1. Study:The related domestic and international graduate school includes animation design, multimedia animation art, digital design, applied media art, technology art, digital media design, toy and game design, information communication, graphic art communication, and cinematography.
  • 2. Job:There are traditional movie animation companies, computer special effective production companies, television animation production companies, game companies, advertisement companies, virtual image production companies, publishing companies, multimedia production companies, and the related industry.


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