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Department of Early Childhood Educare


Degree Offered

學士 Bachelor

Contact Information

TEL: +886-5-5370988 ext.7310,7311,7312




This department was established in 2003. The vision of this department is to promote “life education”, in order to enhance student’s professional qualities and overall well-being. To achieve the goal, we cooperate with more than 50 child-related organizations for internship, including daycare centers, kindergartens, special education and social welfare institutions, in order to enhance students’ childcare expertise abilities and caring attitudes.

The curriculum of this department embraces three modules: “Arts and culture for young children,” “Health and family issues for young children,” and “Young children’s development and education.” To enhance student’s learning results, the department is equipped with sufficient spaces and facilities, including 8 laboratory rooms and several general classrooms, in order to support students and faculty for learning teaching, and researching .

Research and teaching Focus

  • 1.To cultivate student’s overall attitudes and professional knowledge.
  • 2.To promote life education to enhance students’ well-beings and caring attitudes.
  • 3.To encourage students to obtain licenses and certificates, and participate in competitions in order to increase students’ future opportunities in job markets.
  • 4.To carry out various volunteer and professional education services in order to enhance local early childhood education quality.

Future development

Further study: Students can apply for national or international graduate schools that relate to early childhood education, education, social work, or special education.

Employment: Students can work for kindergartens, special education institutions, social welfare institutions, children's product design companies, children’s after-school talent institutions, children's leisure industries, or other works related to children.


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