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Department of Fashion Styling


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學士 Bachelor

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The focus of vocational education in the 21st century is on the course of innovation and professional skills. The Department of Fashion Styling’s objective is to provide the students an environment for developing character, knowledge, physical culture, communication, and aesthetics. The Department of Fashion Styling is establishing a new direction for vocational students and a different way of undergraduate learning. The Department of Fashion Styling stresses on styling design and integrates class of certificates, practical training, internship and image design classes to train students to be a well trained styling designer in all aspects. The Department of Fashion Styling has won 4 gold medals, 7 silver medals and 6 bronze medals in international competitions from 2008 to 2010, also been rewarded “Outstanding Student Award of Technological and Vocational Education” for 3 years.

Research and teaching Focus

The Department of Fashion Styling’s curriculum includes three main modules. Every course module is designed with continuity and progressive classes and focuses on professional technique training and fits future career needs. Furthermore, students can gain hands-on experience from the work-study program and learn the latest styling and cosmetology techniques and raise the professional knowledge and technique level in the related industries..

Future development

Advanced Education: Appling for styling design and art related graduated schools worldwide. Career Opportunity:

  • 1.Bridal styling and design related professionals.
  • 2.Hair styling and design professionals.
  • 3.Beauty and skin care related fields professionals.
  • 4.Full fashion styling instructors and designers.
  • 5.Professional image designers and fashion show directors.

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