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Department of Sport and Health Promotion


Degree Offered

學士 Bachelor

Contact Information

TEL: +886-5-5370988 ext.7701




Our department is established in 2015. It focuses on the fields of sports, leisure, health promotion, care services and other related industries including the cultivation of exercise guidance, health protection, industrial management, and other professional personnel practices. The goals to cultivate students are to have the abilities of sports guide (to instruct others for regular exercise and training), health promotion (to learn the knowledge of care and injury protection), and industry management (to learn the sports service and industry management) to cope with sports centers, nursing centers, sports industry, and other related professionals demand.

Research and teaching Focus

Our department educates the students to be professionals in the fields of

  • Exercise Guidance
  • Sport and Health Promotion
  • Sports Industry Management

Future development

Our graduates for future employment include sports direction, sports training, injury prevention, sports management, sports industry and sports sciences institute. Our graduates can work in exercise guidance, sports health promotion and sports industry management. For exercise guidance field, graduates can engage in professional work including sports professional planner, sports instructors, sports trainers, fitness instructors. In terms of sports health promotion field, there are sports centers, clubs, fitness centers, sports teams, nursing home, health management division of the fitness center. Last but not least, in the sports industrial management, graduates can be the health care industry service personnel in sports, sports facility managers, sports marketers, sports guides, general managers.


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