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Department of Visual Communication Design (Graduate Institute of Cultural & Creative Design)


Degree Offered

學士 Bachelor / 碩士 Master

Contact Information

TEL: +886-5-5370988 ext.3550, 3551




In order to train students to develop the ability of visual communication design and independent creativity, our department's strategy is to use visual message design in accordance with the development of culture and creativity to emphasize both theory and practice. With three curriculum modes, which include: (1) Graphic design (visual imaging and advertising design [2D]); (2) Three-dimensional design (package and display design [3D]); and (3) Digital multimedia design (web age and 3D image design [4D]), we look forward to training students into complete design experts. Our students' work over the years has often earned both national and international awards, including fourteen pieces which were selected in the Young Designers' Exhibition of 2008. Both of our visual communication design department and that of She-Te University were simultaneously awarded the top prize. The 26TH Berlin International Short Film Festival of competition has accepted our students’ animation “Aholic”, the only creation from Taiwan to win an honor in 2010. Posters have been selected for the 22nd International Poster Biennale in Warsaw, Poland in 2010, and the 9th International Poster Triennial in Toyama, Japan in 2009. A 3-D model “Christmas Feast in Taichung” won a gold medal in the design competition for eco-friendly Christmas trees in the Taichung business area from the Taichung government in 2010.

Research and teaching Focus

  • 1.Responding to the rapid changes of the current trend in visual communication design and fast digital technology development, our school reinforces the training of digital technology curriculums.
  • 2.Humanism art curriculums have been expanded for students to strengthen their deep spirits and the quality of design work.
  • 3.We emphasize human communication and build team players to nurture design experts with not only ethics and skills, but also with good behaviors and abilities.

Future development

After graduation, students can apply to domestic related visual communication, design domestic graduate school or pursue studies abroad, where they have multiple choices for obtaining an advanced education. Students can also work in graphic design, visual image design, advertising design, package design, computer graphic design, animation design, web page design, shop window design, and producing commercial films. Upon completion, there are many selections for students to obtain employment.


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