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Graduate Institute of Environmental Resources Management


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碩士 Master

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Humanity needs to introduce eco-design and other similar technologies to implement cleaner production in industries, and integrate life style with carbon reduction and energy saving practices, in order to solve the environmental problems effectively. In response to the urgent need, this Institute was established to cultivate professionals in pollution control sectors, green industries and eco-tourism agencies. Through carefully designed curriculum, we are hoping to improve the students’ competence to do their job with confidence and to help resolve the conflicts between human race and the environment.

Research and teaching Focus

  • 1.T1.This Institute focuses on the environmental testing technology for the region and RoHS testing related to green production.
  • 2.This Institute sustains Teaching Research and Application Center for Environment and Resources (TRACER) for the training of energy saving technologies and resource recycle and reuse.
  • 3.This Institute integrates regional NPO’s with the Center of Ecotourism Education and Development (CEED) in order to cultivate planning professionals for eco-communities.

Future development

Furthering education: Students are encouraged to pursuit even higher education in relevant fields. Career: Students can improve their job performance or obtain jobs in environmental sectors, green industries and eco-tourism.

Graduates can work as marketing planning /network marketing planning staff, store/store sale staff,or market research staff/international logistics personnel.


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