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Graduate Institute of Strategic Management of Small & Medium Enterprise

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碩士 Master

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The Graduate Institute of Small & Medium Enterprise is the first academic organisation in Taiwan that focuses on the study of small and medium enterprises. The goal is to cultivate talented academic researchers and to serve as the cradle of future pioneer managers in small and medium enterprises. To meet the tendency toward international enterprises, we try to develop venture education with school and local resources in order to strengthen students’ operational abilities. Moreover, we try to promote international education in order to foster small and medium enterprise talents.

Research and teaching Focus

  • 1. To fight for the opportunities of the industry-school cooperation projects from the government organizations and to cultivate management and academic research talents.
  • 2. To actively integrate internal and external resources to organize international SMEs overseas visits in order to actively expand cross-strait academic exchanges.
  • 3. To invite popular international scholars to be lecturers in order to expand teachers’ and students’ international visions.
  • 4. To encourage teachers and students to obtain international certificates and to communicate with overseas academic organizations.

Future development

Graduates can choose to continue pursuing a doctoral degree in national or international business graduate schools.

Graduates can enhance their current employment or work as a manager in micro-enterprise business or work on decision-making, planning, communication and coordination, and management in companies.


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