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TWU provides international students generous scholarships, including 50% tuition subsidy. Extra scholarships are also available for students with outstanding academic performance during their studies at TWU. Research and teaching assistantships are also available on project basis.

For the first semester, admitted international students will automatically receive the scholarships. Every international student will be sure to receive the scholarship in their entry semester. From the second semester on, if international students at the undergraduate level maintain their GPA above 75 (on a 100 point scale) in their academic performance and 82 in their moral conduct in every semester (80 for graduate students in their academic performance and 82 in their moral conduct), they will continue to receive the scholarships until the end of the fourth academic year (the second academic year for graduate students) of their studies at TWU.


1. TWO completed application forms for admission (Recent photos must be attached).
2. ONE photocopy of the applicant’s graduation certificate or diploma from the highest foreign educational institution completed, in notarized Chinese or English translation.
3. ONE copy of the applicant’s transcript in English.
4. TWO letters of recommendation.
5. A health certificate no older than 3 months (including HIV test results and measles and German measles antibody report or proof of inoculation).
6. Statement of study purpose either in English or Chinese.
7. Financial statement.
8. A proof of a medical and injury insurance policy which is valid for at least 6 months from the date entering Taiwan.
9. TWO self-addressed envelopes.

There are currently 4 academic colleges, 15 undergraduate programs, and 5 graduate institutes for your application consideration. For a complete list of the departments and graduate schools, you can check Online Admissions.

The deadline for application each year falls on May 31. By signing up for the degree programs with us before this date, your chance of obtaining the scholarships will become greater. If your document notarization is underway at the same time, we may allow you some leeway for completing the application work. However, you are bound to submit all necessary materials before July 31. If you cannot meet this requirement, we may not be able to secure a place for you.

The exact date for degree programs to start may change each year, but usually it begins in early September. However, you are expected to attend the Orientation a few days prior to the enrollment. Take the 2013-2014 Academic Year for example. Orientation is slated for September 13, while classes commence on September 16.

The admission committee for international students will start to review all applications in August on a first-come-first-served basis. Applicants should be informed of the result by the end of August

You can read “Regulations for Foreign Students Applying to TransWorld University” for details. Regulations for Foreign Students Applying to TransWorld University

 Chinese Language Learning

The primary language of instruction at TWU is Chinese. If you have no Chinese background and you are admitted as a degree-seeking student at our university, you will be considered as conditional admission. Based on your Chinese proficiency level, you will need to take an individually designed curriculum in the first academic year. In other words, you will take some Chinese language courses and other related courses in your degree-seeking program at the same time during your first semester. You will need to take the Chinese language courses in our Chinese Language Center until your Chinese reaches certain proficiency. It is through the Chinese learning process that you can not only learn to appreciate and experience the Chinese tradition and culture, but also excel in coursework in the four academic years of the degree-seeking program.

 Document Notarization & Taiwanese Visa

The regulation about document notarization is set by our government. Every university in Taiwan has to follow the rule to review the applications of international students. Your graduation certificates, diplomas, academic transcripts, and financial statements HAVE TO all be notarized by the diplomatic representatives of our country in your area.

You may contact the nearest office to know more about the notarization process and the issue of Taiwanese Visa. Please click to enter the following each area of consular district: Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Taiwan For instance, if you come from Malaysia originally, you will need to visit Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia. On the contrary, if there is no official representative in your country, and you are Ghanaian, you will have to go to The Trade Mission of the ROC (Taiwan) in Federal Republic of Nigeria.

 Tuition & Fees

Take the Fall Semester 2013-2014 for example, with the 50% subsidy of the scholarship for international students, the tuition fee for an international student receiving the scholarship is approximately US 800 to 1,000 dollars per semester (based on the current exchange rate). However, you will still be able to cover the transportation fees between your home country and Taiwan.

International students can work part-time on/off campus with a legal work permit. International students are allowed to apply for a work permit after verification of enrollment as a full-time student. Currently, the hourly salary for most of the part-time jobs is NTD $115.

Living expenses may range approximately from NTD $ 6,500 to NTD $ 9,500 per month.

It depends. However, international students have to join the National Health Insurance in Taiwan and take care of their own insurance fees. Currently, the fees are about NTD $ 4,500 to cover six months when you first land in Taiwan and are bereft with National Health Insurance.

 On/Off Campus Life

The library, administration, campus services, catering and facilities are all dedicated to facilitating students’ learning. Numerous student clubs and organizations, including the student government, academic, recreational, athletic and social service clubs provide you the opportunity to make your studies and life on campus colorful and enjoyable. Parties, concerts, performances, fairs, and sport games are all available for you to get involved in the TWU community.

Located in central Taiwan, TWU is the best site for you to reach any destinations in just a few minutes. Tourist spots (Sun Moon Lake, Alishan Mountain, and Janfusun Fancy World), coffee shops, gymnasiums, night markets, temples, and even historical monuments, whether in the bustling city or in the tranquil suburb, is all there for you to go, to see, and to experience.

 Other Enquires

If you have any other questions, please contact us via E-mail ( anytime.

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