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Library Contact Information

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The mission of TransWorld University's Library is to fulfill the teaching and research needs of all the members of the academy and to provide a wonderful teaching and learning environment for everyone on campus. To fulfill its mission, the library gathers information, categorizes it, and uses proper management strategies to make it available to the college's community.

Service Premises

The library was established in 1992, and the library building in Hushan Campus was finished in 1995. After becoming the Transworld Institute of Technology in 2000, the branch library was located in Jiadong Campus. Later, the new library building was planned, and the construction was started in July 2006. In April 2008, the new library was completed and started to open to the public. The new library’s use area is about 10,766 square meters with 5 floors and 1 basement.

The library now has a service counter, periodicals area, theme book area, new book display area, Chinese/English/Japanese book stacks, comic book area, picture book area, newspaper reading area, staff work area, reference book area, journal areas, examination book area, information retrieval area, multi-media audio-visual area, museum, caf’e room, copy room, seminar room, study room, 318 reading carrels, arts center, and small and medium sized enterprise research resource center.

The Current Collections

As of November 1, 2010, there were more than 273,000 books in the library, including 200,000 Chinese books and 37,000 English books. Moreover, there were 500s different kinds of paper journals in Chinese and English languages,16,000s bound journals, 11 different kinds of newspapers,7,000s audio-visual materials, and 60s online databases in Chinese and English.

The Current Service

The Library is open to the public during the school year. All students may borrow up to ten books for 30 days. The main service of the library is to provide reference counseling, interlibrary loans, database services, copy services and introductions to the library.

Automatic Service Facilities

  • 1. Enable T2 library automation system.
  • 2. Total Wi-Fi access.
  • 3. Promote remote reader authentication and online book procurement system.
  • 4. Provide 21 information retrieval computers for querying.
  • 5. Install library security sensor system to enhance library management.
  • 6. Install entrance guard management RFID sensor system to enhance users management.

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