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Department of Sustainable Tourism


Degree Offered

學士 Bachelor

Contact Information

TEL: +886-5-5370988 ext.4300,4301,4302




Our course design includes three major modules: environmental testing, green industries, and eco-tourism and environmental planning. Training in the three modules will enable students to lead the trends in future industries. Furthermore, practice and seminars are fabricated to improve their job preparation. The aim was to cultivate diligent frontline professionals who are employed immediately after graduation and welcome by the industry at all time.

Research and teaching Focus

  • 1.This Institute focuses on the environmental testing technology for the region and RoHS testing related to green production.
  • 2.This Institute sustains Teaching Research and Application Center for Environment andResources (TRACER) for the training of energy saving technologies and resource recycle and reuse.
  • 3.This Institute integrates regional NPO’s with the Center of Ecotourism Education and Development (CEED) in order to cultivate planning professionals for eco-communities.

Future development

Higher education: Students are encouraged to further their education in Taiwan or overseas.

Career: Students can obtain jobs from environmental testing sectors, green production industries, resource management, eco-tourism, and environmental conservation and guide.


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